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I believe creativity and celebrating the things that inspire it are essential to vibrant, meaningful life -- as necessary to our individual and collective well-being as healthy food, shelter, and love.

This website is a window on my creative world, the place I share my writing and photos on topics and discoveries that energize me and pique my curiosity. Often they are related to the peculiarities and beauty of life in central New York.

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Reflections On A Year At Fish Creek
Fish Creek, New York, Flood, summer, 2021
Fish Creek Flood

I’ve now been in my house on Fish Creek for just over a year – an entire cycle through the seasons that included snow and wind and cozy fires, two substantial river floods that filled the lower part of my property but didn’t threaten the house or any other structures, an unruly flower garden, animals of all kinds traipsing to and fro across the yards, a tick bite and Lyme disease (no worries – I knocked it out with antibiotic), drives home through a tunnel of corn, buckets of imperfect but perfectly good apples, and curtains of spider webs everywhere – everywhere I’ve ever lived there’ve been lots of spiders – is it me?! Of course, I sort of like them and haven’t sprayed to repel them, so that might have something to do with it.

Jennifer Wielt's Flower Garder, summer, 2021
My flower garden

I’m still so happy to live here.

It’s been a good, (and challenging), year in other ways, too. The demands of Lyme disease and the care of my elderly mom, among other things, means the pursuit of some of my interests, such as exploring Wood Creek, have had to be postponed. I’ve prioritized other opportunities, though, like scouting for collectible books and other treasures at thrift stores and garage and estate sales, and most importantly, writing.

Jennifer Wielt and her mother, Mary Wielt, 2021
Me and Mom

This past summer, despite a stretch of prolonged head and eye pain that was finally diagnosed as Lyme, I took a hugely helpful workshop from best-selling author Danielle Trussoni. I’ve had good and bad experiences with writing classes, but this one was just what I needed – a small group of students (just five, including me) and specific, thoughtful and fair feedback on the first 50 pages of my novel. All five of us had such a comfortable rapport that we’ve continued meeting weekly. We share feedback on our writing and our processes, but most helpful to me has been the time we spend together on Zoom with our cameras off, writing silently together. When life becomes overwhelming it’s easy to not write, so having a good writing group to help me to prioritize writing time is pure gold.

Jennifer Wielt with swollen eyes, wearing medical mask, with Lyme disease
Getting my Lyme diagnosis

Next on this website, I hope to have a new page with information on my book scouting adventures, book collecting in general, and why it matters. And, how you don’t have to be an old rich guy to build a meaningful collection and have a blast doing it! No promises on when I’ll have the new page ready, but hopefully soon. If you subscribe to my email list, you’ll know as soon as it’s up.

Jennifer Wielt's library and dining room in progress, 2021
My home library/dining room -- a work in progress


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